Nurseryworks Loom Crib Review- Is this the best crib for your your nursery?


It’s Leanna again,

Thank you for checking out my blog-a comprehensive and independent Nurseryworks Loom Crib review.

This crib review looks at all of the ESSENTIAL details you must consider when choosing a crib for your nursery. Let me assure you that the review is honest and unbiased, identifying both the positive and negative aspects of Nurseryworks loom crib.

Like most of my product reviews, I searched the internet to identify what exactly new parents were looking for when purchasing a crib. Based on what I learned, I chose to review Nurseryworks loom crib.





• There is a real surge in the marketplace for modern crib designs and it is definitely setting the tone for the modern nursery.

• Overwhelmingly, families are looking for simple, clean lines for the crib and designing the nursery around these aspects.

white loom crib





YES it does.

The details are simple and the lines are clean, which is what you would expect from a modern crib. With the loom crib you also get a sense of a classic design blending seamlessly with modern design.

Nurseryworks designers have placed the slats on the loom crib in a refreshing way. This visual interest creates a unique crib design with a sleek look that is really hot right now when designing the modern nursery.

One Nurseryworks loom crib review came from this couple:

“…as architects, what really appealed to us was the design of the crib. With typical crib designs, we dislike the rigidity of the repetitive vertical slats that seem to recall prison bars. What we loved with the loom crib is how the designers took the government required minimum spacing of the vertical slats and had some fun with it! Instead of equally spaced slats, they are varied to create visual interest.”


Creating a safe sleeping environment is the TOP priority for families.

For this Nurseryworks loom crib review I looked for:

  • whether the toughest safety standards set out by the U.S. and Canada were being met
  • how this modern crib’s saftety record stacked up against it’s competitors
  • whether or not nurserywork’s loom crib is free of toxins/harsh chemicals


Nurseryworks Loom Crib has an excellent safety rating meeting all of the above criteria including the JPMA certification. It has also been rated #1 by Consumer Reports on the SAFEST CRIB LIST. Its eco-credentials are equally impressive and backed by a parent company that states; SAFETY IS OUR OBSESSION.


Nurseryworks Loom Crib has these specific eco-friendly features:

Use of a sustainable wood (Paulownia) which is resistant to warping and cracking
• Formaldehyde and lead safe
• Use of low VOC finishes
• Vigorous testing for the elimination of any emissions and toxic materials.
• Hardware that is neatly hidden in design elements


There are a couple of things:

The Price:

While the crib will usually be one of the more expensive baby items that you will purchase, this price point will be beyond the scope of some nursery budgets.

Made in China:

The crib components are actually made in China and only assembled in America, creating concern that the tough safety standards present in Canada and the U.S. will not be adhered to in a country without these strict guidelines.

What is my final review of Nurseryworks loom crib?

In my opinion, there are 3 simple criteria to follow when choosing the right crib for your baby:

• Safety
• Budget
• Personal Preference



Nurseryworks safety record is impeccable. I would be very comfortable having my own children sleep in the loom crib.


The fact that the crib is made in China WOULD NOT affect my purchasing decision negatively.

Why Not?

Nurseryworks uses their OWN studio in China to build the crib components and have their own quality control teams on site. Once the components are delivered to the warehouses in Los Angeles and Atlanta, the loom crib is inspected again before the components are assembled.

This company is BIG on quality and on delivering SAFE products; the loom crib is no exception.

Does the loom crib break the budget?

When it comes to setting trends in nursery design, the Nurseryworks loom crib leads the pack.

At $699, this crib rivals more expensive, higher end cribs. In fact some of its competitors are DOUBLE the price of the loom crib, while not offering up anything more special.

Once you have determined your budget and are satisfied with the safety component, your crib purchase really comes down to personal preference.

If a modern crib is what you are looking for, this is an EXCELLENT CHOICE for setting the tone for a very special nursery. My opinion is… Nurseryworks loom crib is an EXCELLENT crib.

I hope you found this review helpful.

Best of luck in pregnancy… and beyond!





Modern Nursery Design PART 1- some helpful tips to create the best nursery for your baby


It has never been easier to start designing your unique baby space from the comforts of your own home!  EVERYTHING you need and want can be researched and bought on line these days and there are plenty of sites that can provide you with the” inspiration” that can assist you in every area of the design process. 

At some point in the design process, parents will have to ask themselves what is the best crib to buy for your nursery?

Below are two of my absolute favorite sources of inspiration.  You will know doubt come across some modern crib designs here and I think you will find it helpful in choosing the best crib for your baby.

 If you look closely, you may come across the loom crib in a couple of the boards; I did!  In fact, this is where I was and what provoked me to do a NURSERYWORKS LOOM CRIB REVIEW in the first place!


This unique designing tool went from a pie in the sky idea in 2009 to being voted by Time Magazine as one of “50 BEST WEBSITES OF 2011”.  

What is it?

Pinterest Screen SHot


It really is a photo sharing site that allows you to organize anything you could ever imagine into categories. 




It is driven entirely by VISUAL IMAGES that people will “like” or “share” and organize into virtual folders.  The most popular topics include the home, fashion and food, but there several others.



You can sign up through your facebook or twitter account but you must be invited to join.  Not sure how long this takes.  I was invited to join within 24 hours of registering. 




Is the largest database of design and decorating ideas on the internet.  It is a collection of stunning homes from all around the world.  This may include specific rooms such as a nursery but could also be landscaping, lighting, pool area etc.  They have it all and it is quite literally…eye candy.  I can spend hours on this site.


Like Pinterest you have the ability to create categories by creating  your own idea books which become your personally library, called “your houzz”.  You also have the opportunity to share photos you like as well.

You are also able to find contractors in your area on this site as well as ask the designers, architects etc. questions.  This is a FABULOUS place to get inspired.

These are two great places to start!  I can guarantee that you will find some inspiration here that will excite you and assist you in setting the tone of your nursery.



Nurseryworks Loom Crib Review – What You Must Know to Find the BEST Crib

Researching the Nurseryworks loom crib review has certainly reinforced my own beliefs that there is simply “no shortcuts” on quality when it comes creating modern baby furniture for your home.

In fact the very first review any parent makes when buying a crib for the nursery is a close look at its SAFETY record.  

The best baby cribs you see in the market today will usually have a JPMA certification seal, meaning that each unique baby item has been rigorously tested and meets the guidelines set forth by an independent international body.

This certification definitely creates some peace of mind for new parents as JPMA’s crib safety standard is one of the toughest standards in the world. Its processes are solid and use techniques that mimic the wear and tear a crib would face in a natural setting.

Recent changes made by JPMA may be helpful when choosing the crib that is right for your baby.  They include:

  •        Banning the sale of drop-side rails cribs
  •        Increases in the level of testing for crib slats and mattress supports
  •        Improvements in hardware requirements

JPMA recommends you stay clear of any crib that is GREATER THAN 10 years old as a poorly maintained crib could be an unsafe environment for your baby. 

What are the potential risks associated with a second hand crib?

  • Missing parts or lacking instructions for assembly
  • Crib slats over time can become loose, damaged or no longer up to code.
  • Potential finishes on the crib could be a danger to your baby’s health and the environment.

What should I be aware of when purchasing a crib mattress?

 A mattress should fit snug:

If you can place two fingers between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib, your mattress is the wrong size. The leading kinds of crib injuries are head injury and limb entrapment; the wrong sized mattress puts your child at risk.


Is eco-friendly important in the modern nursery?

Today, new parents have high “ecological standards” when setting the tone for the nursery.  The result: an increase in demand for independent companies that test emission levels of VOC’s, formaldehyde and phthalates in such baby items as the crib.

Did you know:

  • VOC is a leading cause of asthma in small children with asthma rates rising significantly in the last 10 years.
  • Babies breathe in proportionally more air than adults do, making the effects of indoor pollutants on their developing immune systems much more severe.
  •  Being lower to the ground, children are more exposed to heavier air-borne chemicals than adults are.
  • Parents are demanding unique baby items that WILL NOT COMPROMISE the health of their family.
  • Eco-friendly is the “new reality” today in trendy baby items and this is certainly reflected in the wide selection of modern crib designs available in the marketplace.  





Designing a baby room – how to create a calm, functional space for your baby


While creating the honest and unbiased nurseryworks loom crib review,  I was constantly reminded of how important it is to first identify what the practical needs are for your particular space.  

Great advice I was given was to always start a renovation by taking lots of pictures and writing down the room measurements.  This information will be very valuable to have with you while you are shopping for the nursery.


Where Should The Crib Be Located?

One of the first steps in the design process should start with where in the nursery you would like to put the crib.  This is helpful for a lot of different reasons but it will definitely help “set the tone” for the other baby items you will want to have present in the nursery.

Most design experts will tell you the crib should be placed in the quietest part of the room, away from windows, hallways and doors. 



nurseryworks loom crib reviewWhile this definitely makes practical sense, sleep experts will tell you the BEST way to give your baby an opportunity for some solid sleep is to create predictable sleep eat and awake patterns. 



After four children of my own, this was the BEST ADVICE I ever received. 

Is There Adequate Storage?

There is no shortage of trendy baby items to display in your nursery to achieve that personal touch but you will definitely want to make sure that you first give some serious consideration to storage.  Babies require lots of STUFF!  You will definitely want to consider your storage capabilities in order to easily manage the abundance of items required at any given time. 

Some of the baby items you will want in the nursery include:

  • likely two different sizes of diapers..and LOTS of them
  • extra wipes
  • rash cream
  • extra soothers
  • baby toys and soft books
  • extra onesies and sleepers
  • extra blankets and burp cloths


unique baby itemsA baby’s wardrobe alone will command a lot of space because babies go through several clothing changes in a day, (more than you ever thought possible) particularly in those first few months!  Identifying your storage needs early and doing some research will ensure you get the best pieces for your unique baby space and allow you to create that calm, clutter free nursery you are looking for.

 You may also want to invest in see through storage bins to store clothing items for the different ages and stages.  Be sure to label these bins because you will have more clothing bins than you ever dreamed possible.

There are also many great options today in closet organizers as well as components for utilizing storage underneath the crib.  These kinds of storage pieces can definitely help keep the nursery from getting cluttered.

When creating our own unique space into a nursery, I created a vision board; an actual board where I attached paint chips, wallpaper and fabric swatches.  I then added pictures of things I saw along the way that I liked.  It was a great tool for us to have our nursery ideas up in the space and a visual planning board in front of me.

I hope you find this to be a great starting point. These tips should provide you a foundation for creating a baby space that is as perfect and as unique as your little baby!

Fresh Modern Nursery Designs – how to create the modern nursery

I came across a couple of great blogs this week featuring  fresh, modern nursery designs that I thought you would all enjoy to see.  They ALMOST made me want to have another baby!

Just kidding; I LOVE…LOVE being a mom but I am definitely finished with that phase after churning out four!  But I sure love seeing a new baby or hearing exciting pregnancy news from extended friends and family.

What I love about Modern nurseries is if done correctly they will often blend seamlessly with the rest of the home; done in similar taste and with a similar flare with your other favorite rooms.

I sure sensed this was the case in The Design Files, modern nursery in an urban condo!  What an incredible space for a baby room!  The accent pieces are fun and create the personal touch in the room  that really adds to the unique qualities of this space. I love it!

Equally appealing was Reneé Rodrigue’s take on modern nursery bliss.  I have always believed that less is more in the nursery, allowing the focal point to be the crib and creating that personal space around it. The furniture in the first picture is oh my goodness – amazing!

Modern baby spaces bring me infinite amounts of joy and I become easily excitable when I stumble upon a great blog or website like these two that feature these kinds of trendy spaces.

These blogs did not disappoint!  If a modern nursery is what you are after, these are two  great places to start gathering some ideas.



Buying a Crib- How to choose the best crib for your nursery


My MAIN GOAL is to provide you with a Nurseryworks Loom Crib review. However, while performing the review itself, it occurred to me through my own experience, there are OTHER QUESTIONS that you need to ask yourself first before you can even begin to find the “right crib design” for your baby’s nursery.

Thankfully, there are some “simple criteria” you can follow to ensure that what you ultimately choose is the BEST crib for you.

nurseryworks loom crib review
The Loom Crib









There are so many different crib models on the market today with a wide range of price points to appeal to the different income levels among consumers. But with so many designers competing in the baby furniture industry, it is now quite common to see them take a high- end (and very expensive) crib and create a similar design at a more moderate price point.

This is GREAT NEWS for the consumer as you will likely not have to settle on the style of crib you want just because it was too expensive.


Beyond the style of crib you will want to consider a few other elements:

  • Does your crib meet the required safety standards?

This is of course the most important component when in the market to buy a crib.  Always ask for this information and be aware that second hand cribs often FAIL today’s safety standards.  Also, be aware that if you are purchasing a crib from outside the USA or Canada, they may have different safety standards.

  • Is the crib low enough to the ground for you to be able to reach your baby? 

This will be dependent on your height.  Some cribs are better suited to shorter parents, others to tall ones. You will want to take this into consideration.

  • Does the mattress come with the crib or does it need to be purchased separately

If the mattress is purchased separately check to see what size of mattress is required.  Not all cribs will fit a standard size (513/4”l X 273/4w) and may require a mattress with different dimensions.  This is very important; if you can place two fingers between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib, you SHOULD NOT buy it.  You do not want to take any RISKS of your baby’s limbs or head to become trapped in this space.

  • Has the crib been designed to lower the mattress to grow with the baby?

Is this a “design feature” that is important to you? Some cribs will have up to three height adjustments.The higher level certainly makes it easier to take a newborn out of the crib in those early days.  Once they are sitting up (usually around 6 months but some are earlier) you should DEFINITELY move the crib mattress down a level so they cannot fall out.

  • Does the crib convert to a toddler or a full size bed?

If this quality is important to you, a conversion kit is required and in most cases they are sold separately and require some assembly.

  • Pay close attention to the style of crib you are looking at

A simple design with clean lines is DEFINITELY BEST as these crib styles do not pose any inherent danger to the baby. Head injuries and limb entrapment are the LEADING CAUSES OF CRIB INJURIES and can be avoided by simply not purchasing a crib with any sharp corners or fancy cutouts.

Check to see if your crib purchase comes with any warranty.

It would also be WISE to do a bit of a background check on the company that makes the crib.  While there are lots of reputable companies out there, you will want to make sure wherever you buy or order your crib from that they are going to be around in the next couple of years.



Modern Nursery Design-Creating the Natural Nursery


Setting the tone for the nursery can be a daunting task for sure and you may be unwilling to spending the extra dollars associated with unique baby items that are merely labeled organic.  The good news is there are other steps you can take to ensure that your baby is safe from being exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins.

The best advice my girlfriends gave me when I was creating our first nursery was to think like a toddler!  It know; crazy concept but doing so is actually very helpful when designing a “safe space” for your baby.

The Nurseryworks loom crib review has uncovered this truth;  that the eco- factors of the nursery is definitely a conversation that parents want to have, given that the safety of their baby is of the utmost importance. 

There are a couple of areas worth looking at:


There are several new products on the market today that are considered non-toxic and a “natural” paint.  New parents have demanded really the changes in this area,looking for paint products that are free from phthalates, heavy metals as well as several other potentially toxic substances.

Some of these kinds of paint products may only be found at specialty stores but each year more of these products are becoming available in mainstream hardware stores.  Also available in the marketplace  are several low odor and low VOC paint brands as well.   

Once you complete painting the nursery, you will want to keep the room well ventilated until no lingering paint odor remains.


If you are not so sure about the “organic labeling” on baby items for the nursery, you can still create a safe baby environment for your baby.

One excellent way to create a green, unique baby item is to purchase an unpainted, solid wood piece and paint it yourself using natural (voc free) milk paints or low voc stains. This can also be a great way to save a little bit of money on those nursery items that tend to be quite pricey.

You should also consider not putting the mattress in the crib until it has had a chance to gas-off in a well ventilated area of your home as well. These kinds of spaces could be a garage or a screened porch.

In fact, I would open the packaging of the baby item outside as well in a well ventilated area.  You really want to make sure the baby crib or other furniture has had a chance to gas off before exposing  your baby to these products.


Children and babies spend a lot of time on the floor so you will want to think about your flooring options. Some carpets have a better emissions report cards than others but it is often at the expense of softness and durability.  You will want to look for natural fibers such as jute, seagrass and hemp to name a few.  Also look for backings that are made with natural latex and rubbers and for products that have not been sprayed with pesticides but rather use natural vegetable dies.

If you choose to go with conventional carpeting off a roll, consider unrolling it in a well ventilated space for at least seven days allowing the carpet the opportunity to gas off before installing it in the nursery.  You can even ask the store to unroll it on site to allow it to off gas there as well.


My final thought is to be extremely cautious when using antiques and heirlooms to accessorize the nursery.  While these nostalgic pieces are beautiful and sentimental, these items often do not meet the tough modern safety standards set out by independent organizations today.



Nurseryworks Loom Crib Review- a look at the modern nursery


My interest in providing soon to be parents with the Nurserywork’s loom crib review came about after recognizing a continuing surge in popularity for ”contemporary design” in the nursery.  Today there are more choices than ever in the marketplace reflecting a strong demand for clean and simple designs that complement the look and the feel of the rest of your home.

When designing the nursery, keep in mind that this room is often small and the unique items required for a baby can be bulky. While the crib is often the first purchase for the nursery, it is just one part of creating this space for your family’s new addition. You and your baby will be spending a lot of time together in the nursery, particularly during those first few months. You will want to create a space just right for that kind of environment.

The BEST modern cribs tend to have simple, clean lines, meeting all the safety requirements and comforts for your new baby and nursery.  Companies are now creating modern baby furniture lines that reflect this desire for contemporary living among young families and creatively finding ways to integrate this aesthetic into the nursery.

This was why I chose the loom crib; it seemed a perfect fit with the kinds of products that people are looking for in the marketplace today.

It is not uncommon for trendy baby items (the modern crib) to become a MUST HAVE item with the general public,  which speaks to the influence of pop culture in our everyday lives. We often see demand for a luxury baby item skyrocket after media outlets feature popular celebrity moms using a particular high end baby item.

 In fact every year top designers of modern baby furniture are kept busy coming out with new sleek lines to keep up with the consumer demand for the most popular designs in baby furniture.

The crib is often the first major purchase but soon to be parents will also look to have the best baby gear, similar in design to pieces seen in pop culture and by their favorite celebrity moms. Shopping for the baby room has never been more exciting!